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Eric N Zhang:

Kids' 3D Academy

Where Kids Teach Kids 3D Design, Printing, & Math

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About Me

Eric retrieving 3D printed face shields

What is more interesting than learning 3D printing? Yes, learning 3D printing from kids like me. I am a 11-year-old boy from the 5th grade in the Jackson Walnut Park School in Newton, MA. Well, I don't like to brag my achievements but I'd better to list my relevant credentials here for you to choose the right teacher: a math lover and 3D designer with National 1st Place in Math Kangaroo, MOEMS-E Gold Pin, AMC 8 Honor Roll, and 99% in medium level SSAT. In my free time, I'm also passionate about skiing and sailing. Now stuck at home, I understand how bored kids like me may feel. That's why I started offering free ZOOM lessons to fellow kiddos. While teaching kids 3D printing, I also hope to have more kids join our efforts in helping doctors and nurses fight coronavirus by 3D printing Personal Protective Equipment. We had run a successful fundraiser and we are now printing the 3D face shields. Email me at if you are interested in joining our Kids Print face shields to Protect medics (KPP) project. Together we are strong.

Online 3D Printing Design & Math Lessons

Online 3D Printing Design & Math Lesson

Beginner Lessons


Lesson 1

What is 3D printing

What can we print?

How to understand 3D plot

How to use tinkercad? 


Lesson 3

What is the strongest shape?

Let's run a hydraulic pressure test?

How to design a jet in Tindercad?

Join our Kids Print to Protect initiative.


Lesson 2

What are 2D and 3D shapes?

3D printing and Mars habitats?

How to design a house in tinkercad?

Show and tell your 3D design.


 Lesson 4

Steps from 3D Design to 3D Printing

What is a CAD or slicer software?

What is a .stl file, what is a gcode?

Show and tell your 3D design.

Intermediate Lessons

Email me at to sign up or get more details. During the coronavirus crisis, all my group lessons are free of charge. Stay safe and stay inspired!

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Fun Mini 3D-Printing Tutorials

If I can teach, you can teach too! From designing your Halloween glowing light saber, to the perfect Mother's Day gift, we invite you to share your 3D design/printing videos. Email me at Your videos may be posted on our popular Kids' 3D Academy Youtube Channel! 

Kids Print to Protect Initiave

Kids Print to Protect

We are a group of 30+ students from 10+ schools around the Boston area. We are 3D-printing 1000+ NIH recommended reusable face shields for frontline health workers who are fighting coronavirus day and night! 

Our message to the doctors and nurses: Thank you heroes! You protect the community and we protect you!                               


Eric Zhang, Founder of KPP

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