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KPP's Final Financial Report

by Marcus Woo and Eric Zhang

Thanks to the 100+ donors of our project, we have raised $4,195.00 in just approximately 3 weeks. You will find information including our donor's list, how we spent the money, and what we have delivered in this final report. 

Our KPP's Honor Rolls of Donors

We are grateful to receive generous support from more than 100 donors. Our largest donation is $250 and our smallest donation is $5. We appreciate each one of you for your trust and your kindness as this project cannot be possible without you. Here is a complete list of our donors.

Dylan Murphy, Shuhua Wu, Yuan Zeng, Xiufang Zheng, Vivian Wan, Robert Lavin, Jenny Yao, Lauren Hillberg, Jun Zhang, Emma Zhang, Dongmei Li, Caroline Stangle, Wei Song, Yiya Zhao, Katelyn Luo, Gina Lopez, Lei Cheng, Lucas Owen, Derek Feng, Kaeleigh and Kaeden Neil, Surbhi and Sameep Shah, Michaela&John McAllister, Huajun Liu, Matthew Mccarthy, Kathy Hart, Karen Kovacs, Juliana Kuang,  Michael Li, Eleanor Donato, Aiden Xue, Ruomu Gao, Logan Cheng, Sara Doherty, Nancy MacDonald, Harold Huang, Barbara McEvoy, Kieran Frederick, Inara Walker, Andy&Claire Liu, Cila Chan, Mihika Bhurat, Daniel Liu, Kieran&Molly Russell, Wendy Marinelli, Jill&Anthony Collito, Catherine Stockton, Kathleen Berube, Megan Jones, Daniel Hu, Geri Woods, Lauren Lindenfelser, Jenny Woods, Laurie Brackett, Marie Woods, Meilee Mekalanos, Mary Brackett, Cici Ye, Michelle Chen, Joanne Davidson, Elizabeth Tango, Dan L, Ethan&Bryce Goulding, Caroline Baumal, Robert LeValley, Lisbeth Northcutt, Bill LeValley, Xiang Chen, Erika Houghtlin, Jamie Ames, Huan Huang, Christina McCormick, Sarah & Aiden Zhang, Maily Hia, Farah Costa, Xinsheng Zhu, Eli Chen, Bob Tewes, Winston Woo, Allison Hart, Valerie Beaver, Jonathan Salewski, Fan Liao, Katie Curran, Ricky Wu, Christine Cheung-Kwan, Dave Beaver, Janice Beaver, Dimitra Gerogianni, Daniel Tang, Teddy Zhang, Joan Mckeon, Nancy Landry, Jonathan Parkhurst, Shuangshuang Su, Yiwei Qi, Allison Frederick, Mary Connelly and many anonymous donors.

Special Thanks to the Jackson Walnut Park School, The Fessenden School, Empow Studios LLC, for your support.

How We Spent the Money

PLA filament: $2,608.84- 119 kg

Plastic sheets: $537.30- 28 packs

Elastic bands: $532.25- 694 yards

Boxes: $86.31- 55 boxes

Repair expenses: $67.04- 4 pieces

Gofundme page fee: $153.61

Special donation towards printers: $200.00-1 printer


What We Delivered

We have printed 2198 NIH-recommended reusable face shields in total between 04/05/2020 and 06/05/2020! These face shields have been distributed to the following hospitals:  


  •  Tufts Medical Center: 259 face shields 

  •  Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Milton: 150 face shields

  •  Mount Auburn Hospital: 100 face shields

  •  Carney Hospital: 200 face shields 

  •  Beverly Hospital: 50 face shields 

  •  Massachusetts General Hospital: 317 face shields

  •  Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital Needham: 15 face shields

  •  Newton Wellesley Hospital: 147 face shields

  •  BIDMC-Boston: 300 face shields

  •  Boston Medical Center: 200 face shields

  •  UConn Dental School: 100 face shields

  •  St. Elizabeth hospital: 360 face shields

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